Sunday, November 4, 2012

Homemade Laundry Soap POWDER for HE or standard

All my girls just gather around and talk while grating and sharing domestic secrets at our              "soap party!" 

We have a great time discussing all things home and family management--which is a real motivator! Here is our going small recipe and our larger recipe. It's easy and fulfilling to do!

I use hand grating and food processors to grate the soap with or without friends close by. Here is a great low sudsing powder laundry soap safe for even the HE washers:

1 bar Fels Naptha soap grated like cheese
2 c borax
2 c washing soda
1/2 c baking soda
1 c oxyclean or oxygen laundry additive

Grate your soap--
Mix all dry ingredients with a whisk--
Add your essential oil if desired--
Store in an airtight container--

Because these are natural products, you will want to press them through a screen seive to avoid putting clumps into the wash once they have sat in storage for a long time. Use the coffee scoop to measure and coffee can for storage of your powdered laundry soap. Here is the direction for how much to use:

Use a coffee measuring spoon, 1 slightly rounded scoop for a small load, 2 scoops for a large load. If you are washing really dirty clothes, add up to 1/2 extra scoop.

Your finished product should look like this:

Here is a larger recipe:
8 cups of baking soda 
8 cups Washing Soda*  (baked baking soda at 400 degrees on a cookie sheet)
12 cups of  Twenty-Mule -Team Borax (laundry isle WalMart)
8 cups of grated soap (Ivory, ZOTE, Castille, Fels Naptha)
3 tbsp of your favorite essential oils (optional and should be stored in a dark bottle)
*You can buy Arm & Hammer Washing Soda (if you can find it in the laundry isle) but its cheaper to bake and make your own in 45-60 min (you want it to try and be clumpy)


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